List of Completed Mural Site Locations:

Houston Is Inspired Mural by GONZO247, created in 2011

The Mural that Inspired The HUE Mural Festival

315 Travis Street

Houston, Texas 77002


Capitol Street Fabrication and Gallery, HUE 2015

6697 Capitol, Houston, Texas  

Artists: Clear, Scott Tarbox, Crisp, Royal, Nicky Davis, Meenr, Black Cassidy, Bryan Cope, and Leche.


713 INC Art/Apparel, HUE 2015

4739 Canal

Artists: Nik Soupe, Christopher Montoya, Shek Vega, Briks & HERO


Frenetic Theater HUE 2015

5102 Navigation Blvd.

Artist: FLOP from Brazil


Classy Art Wholesalers, Inc., HUE 2015

300 N York St.

Artists: Jessica Rice, Gens Oner, Donkeeboy,Marjon F. Aucoin, Shreddi, Deks, Dandee Warhol, Daniel Anguilu


3302 Canal St, HUE 2015

Artists: ChristianAZUL, Dan Black,  Nate Nash


GreenBone (Back Wall - New Building), HUE 2015

2914 Rusk Street

Artists: Dote & Triz


903 Hutchins, Houston, Texas, HUE 2015

Artist: Angel Quesada/ART KUNGFU


800 Chartres, HUE 2015

Artists: Mina & Zosen


Arlo's Ballroom, HUE 2015

Mural Site & HUE Crew Industry Night Event

2119 Leeland St.

Artist: Cecelia Beaven


1513 St Emanuel, Houston, Texas, HUE 2015



Ecclesia Church, HUE 2015

1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003

Artists: Pez, London Police, Real Tres, KATSOLA, BESOMEONE, Zenfull, Ana Maria, Sylvia Blanco Tony Parana & Others


Re/Max Inner Loop, HUE 2015

2011 Leeland

The Marines Mural, Sky's The Limit Mural & Houston EADO Mural

Mural Site Artist: GONZO247 & LEE The OneLee


The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark, HUE 2015

103 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007

Artist: Skeez181


Artist Alley / Washington Ave. Arts District at Winter Street & Sawyer, HUE 2015

2101 Winter St, Houston, TX 77007

Artist Michael C Rodriguez

Digital Artwork by GONZO247

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