Houston Urban Experience (HUE) Mural Festival in Houston, Texas 


Dates of HUE Mural Festival?
November 18 - November 25, 2017
Where is HUE Headquarters?  
The best starting point is at 2110 Jefferson Street, Houston, Texas 77003, this year's HUE Headquarters and where you can grab a mural site map, limited supplies.  - All mural tours begin here.  Throughout the week some sites will be more active than others, please find a schedule of events under ABOUT on our website.

When can I view artists painting?
Official Festival hours are 11am - 6pm.
Generally the mural painting is most active in the afternoons. It’s always best to ask a particular artist for their schedule directly as each artist works independently.


What type of styles of art can I expect to see?

HUE Mural Festival strives to work with visual artists of styles. Last year we enjoyed a variety of artists who created murals that ranged from graffiti influenced work, to colorful abstract and figurative street art.


How do I get a hold of HUE Festival Staff?
Phone: 419-948-3468, Please call.  Do not text.   
Email: info@huemuralfestival.com


Will there be security at the mural sites?  

Yes, we have coordinated with the City of Houston law enforcement to have a strong presence to help reduce liability and make the HUE Mural festival a safe place for all involved.
If there is a medical or fire emergency during the festival?  
If there is a medical or fire emergency during the festival we ask that you follow this protocol:
Please call 911 immediately
Notify HUE festival staff only AFTER you have called 911. 419-948-3468


Where can I report an issue?

Please submit your questions, comments or concerns to info@huemuralfestival.com we strive to address all emails within 24 hours.


What has HUE Mural Festival accomplished over the last two years?  

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 175 Artists, Local, National & International

  • Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Iran, The Netherlands, Turkey, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Laredo, San Diego and more.  

  • Inclusion of several local artists.

  • 51 walls throughout Houston.  

  • Approximately 50,000 square feet of wall space.

  • 2 years = 2 weeks = 340 hours of art production = Year round signature murals for the city of Houston.

  • Two Years  of mural visits, 50,000.

  • 120 Individual murals - 115 still on display today.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are available at HUE Headquarters and select sites on map.  


Where do I park?

Each of the mural sites are unique. Street parking is the best solution. We encourage safety when visiting a mural site. Please look out for traffic when taking photography or viewing the murals in progress. Often drivers are just as distracted as pedestrians while a mural goes up.


How do I get on a Mural Tour? What sort of frequency do they follow?

Sign up for our ongoing tours here. Tours will be conducted daily, view calendar here and begin at HUE Mural Festival HQ located at 2110 Jefferson, Houston, Texas 77003.


Where do I follow for updates via social media?  

Facebook: - HUE Mural Festival
Twitter: - @huemuralfest
Instagram: @huemuralfest.  

Snapchat: huemuralfest

Hashtag: #huefest #houstonartweek

I want to participate as an artist.
We are at full capacity for 2017, but already receiving interest for 2018 participation.  We already have a growing artist roster for next year!  Show us your interest by emailing info@huemuralfestival.com.  


Are artists compensated?

25 featured Artists chosen by the HUE democratic process will receive an honorarium.


Can Artists be sponsored?  

Yes, certain stipulations TBD


Do I have to buff my own wall?

All walls will be primed white. If you wish to have a different color, you must apply yourself.


How are wall spaces determined?  
The logistics vary from one location to the next. Wall space is determined by various factors: An artist’s design and/or sample work, experience level, the surface of the wall and tools used by artist, and possibly the building owner’s input based on the level of owner support and hospitality.


I want to volunteer, where do I sign up?

We have filled all the volunteer roles this year.  To volunteer next year please email us for a link to our 2018 community interest form.




​How do I participate as a pop-up vendor?

We have a vendor sign-up form.  Please email us for a link to our vendor sign-up form.  info@huemuralfestival.com


Do vendors (booths, food trucks) give part of sales to HUE MURAL FEST?

For 2017 we are not asking for any portion of sales or booth fees.  Next year in 2018, Vendors might be asked to pay a fee for food truck or booth placement.  Complimentary placement for participating muralists.  Please register email.


Does HUE Mural Fest offer HUE artists a vendor space?

Yes. Artist vendors are responsible for their own setup. Bring everything/ anything you may need.

Participating 2017 muralists also receive vendor space at their site.  

Email us to receive a link to our vendor sign-up form.  info@huemuralfestival.com


Can I Donate my wall for artwork?  Please submit your site requests to info@huemuralfest.com.


What does the building owner get for donating wall?

The owner of the wall gets a mural painted on their building as well as the satisfaction knowing that they are helping to add to Houston’s visual landscape!  Any issues between an artist and the building owner must be mediated by HUE Mural Festival Staff and will be outlined in the building participation permission form.


Are we familiar with the neighborhoods we are interacting with?  
Yes.  We are always open to learning more about the neighborhoods of Houston.  Feel free to send us an email info@huemuralfestival.com


Can I throw a sponsored party/event during HUE Mural Fest?

We encourage community partnerships during the week of the festival. Please email us for a link to our sign-up form

Deadline to have your event/location included on the HUE Festival map is September 1st each year.

Deadline to have your event listed on the HUE Fest website is September 15th each year.


What organization does this festival benefit?

The HUE Mural Festival’s ultimate goal is to benefit and grow Houston’s community of muralists. This year we are donating all leftover art supplies to Artists who have been tragically affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Who are the individuals behind this awesome event?

HUE Mural Festival is inspired by and presented by HoustonFirst, the 2017 title sponsor.  GONZO247 and a team of local arts coordinators organize and coordinate the festival.  2017 HUE Crew includes five lead roles and several extremely talented and valuable volunteers.  In addition various amazing community members, vendors, artists and sponsors help make the festival possible.  

Are there sponsorship/advertising/partnership opportunities?

Yes,if you are interested in being a festival sponsor or advertising in official festival brochure please email us at info@huemuralfest.com.

Digital Artwork by GONZO247

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