HUE Workshop & Mural

2-Day LATA 65 x ELderARTz Workshop

at The Graffiti & Street Art Museum of Texas

Featuring current ELderARTz artists Tamra Pierce (Program Leader), Barbara Goddard, Kitty Shields, C. Patrick49 and Rob Griffith. Mentor artist Kelyne Reis. Featured guest artist LARA SEIXO RODRIGUES.


Day 1 Sunday October 16, 2016, 1 pm, 3-hour workshop with LATA 65 from Lisbon, Meet and Greet afterwards!


Pay what you can to participate. Workshop will be limited to 20 participants. Ages 55 & Up


Day 2 Monday October 17, 2016, 11 am - 7pm Mural Painting


A typical LATA 65 two-day workshop begins with a short history of graffiti, graffiti culture and how to create graffitis. This can include learning spray can techniques, designing and cutting stencils. The second afternoon will be going to the designated wall and creating graffiti!


** Have a chance to paint the wall with LARA SEIXO RODRIGUES of LATA 65 the next day if you make a donation and attend the workshop.  

** Volunteer to help finish the mural throughout the rest of HUE week.  



A program of The Graffiti & Street Art Museum of Texas Lead by Tamra Pierce and Inspired by LATA 65 an Arts Program in Lisbon, Portugal. ELderARTz is an initiative created to foster creativity and expression through public art for those of us who are over 55. The intention/purpose is to reveal that age is just a number, dismantle young/old stereotypes, provide the opportunity for elders to be seen creating art and having FUN. Will learn about the history of the Hip Hop culture. Will learn urban art basics such as stenciling, creating a graffiti alphabet and street tag. Will have the opportunity to work with and beside experienced graffiti artists. Graffiti techniques will be incorporated into a collaborative mural that can be but is not limited to a particular theme. Workshop will be tailored to fit the needs of the “crew” (group). The participants are not required to have a background in art. Each group will be lead by a mentoring artist.


ABOUT LARA SEIXO RODRIGUES (Covilhã – Portugal, 1979)

Being mountainous and have grown between 2 cultures and traditions, is something that makes her proud and justifies the constant curiosity that leads her. That led her to Lisbon to study Architecture (UTL), but also awakened her interest for other artistic areas and intensified one of ever, Graffiti and Street Art. The association of this passion to the pride in being mountainous, has raised the WOOL – Covilhã Urban Art Festival (2011) and since then a succession of other formats, geographies and publics, being an example, the LATA 65 – Urban Art Workshop for Seniors.


All the extensive work resulted, in 2013 and 2014, in the invitation to organize the committees of Portuguese artists to perform in prominent projects abroad, as TOUR PARIS 13 (France, 2013) or DJERBAHOOD (Tunes, 2014). This passionate work, also reflects in the participation in various lectures / conferences / seminars, among which: the seminar 'Urban Art: Continents and Borders and the International Conference' Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity '.


It remains, however, an interest for the arts in general, mirrored in the curatorship and / or production of various cultural activities and exhibitions, such as the collective show THE ART OF.USING THE BOX (Figueira da Foz, 2013), the art project ESPIGAR NAS GENTES ( Porto, 2015) or FIO (Coimbra, 2016).


For the management of all these facets, she founded MISTAKER MAKER (Lisboa, 2014), a non-profit association of artistic and cultural nature, whose mission is to creatively promote the production and promotion of contemporary Art exercises, in all its forms of expression. The mural art festival of Cascais – MURALIZA (since 2014) and the urban art festival of Estarreja – ESTAU (2016) are presented as great examples of the type of work she persecutes.

Digital Artwork by GONZO247

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