2017 List of Mural Site Locations:



HUE Headquarters - Information Center  Hours 11 am - 6pm, Nov. 18-25

2110 Jefferson, Suite 111, Houston, Texas 77003


Talento Bilingue Houston (TBH) 333 S Jensen Houston, Texas 77003

New Murals by GRACMOR (Mexico), Donkeeboy (Houston) & Christian Navarrete (Houston)


Saint Arnold Brewing Company Warehouse 1216 Maury & 2000 Lyons

New Murals by Ben Johnston (Toronto), el Edu (Houston), WHERON (Dallas, TX), Pablo Harymbat (Argentina) & Emily Ding (Houston), Eye Dr. (Austin, TX) & Alex Zú Arzú (Houston)


Graffiti Park Area 2011 Leeland

New Mural by Madman


Greenleaf 2112 Leeland

New Murals by Shelbi Nicole (Houston), RAWMIREZ (McAllen, TX) & Justin Valle (Miami)


Club Mercy 1505 St Emanuel

New Murals by Color One (Houston), Nicky Davis (Houston) & Black Cassidy (Houston)


2123 Polk St. Building

New Murals by FISH (Austin, TX), Helena Martin (Austin, TX) & REAL Tres (Mexico)


Rusk at 59 Freeway Underpass

New artwork installations by Nicky Davis (Houston) and Danielle Hodgins (Houston)


1010 Prairie St.

New Mural by Jessica Rice


215 Welch St.

New Mural by Verny Sanchez Mitchell (Houston)


313 West 19th Street



Artists INPUT/OUTPUT Projection Artists

Pop-up Projections at HUE Events


ON VIEW: Harvey Hand by GONZO247, Rice Village District, 2400 University


ON VIEW: Houston Is... Mural, 315 Travis, Artist GONZO247, The Mural that inspired HUE!

Digital Artwork by GONZO247

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