PAST 2016 List of Mural Site Locations:


1. HUE Headquarters

The GASAM Texas (The Graffiti & Street Art Museum of Texas) 

2219 Canal Houston, Texas 77003

Exhibition, Rest Stop, Mural Tour Pick-up, Festival Information

Opening Ceremony October 15, 11 am

Artist Vendors Select Dates - calendar

LATA 65 x ELderARTz Workshop 10/16 1 pm

HUE After Party 10/22 10-midnight

2. Talento Bilingue Houston 333 S Jensen Houston, Texas 77003

Featuring Artists from Mexico or who have strong ties to Mexico.  

Mural Painting by Metzican Collective, REAL 3, ARO, OCOTE, Sofia Viviana, CIX & WEIS

All Artists from Mexico.

Artist Reception w/ TBH 8pm

3. Preston Theater / Comedy Sportz Sharespace

2201 Preston St

Mural Painting by FLOP from Brazil & Luis Valle from Miami

Music on Saturday 10/22 11 am - 4pm

HUE Group art Show 10/22 11 am - 4pm

4. 3100 Commerce St

Mural Painting by HILTON ALVES from Brazil based in Hawaii

5. 713INC 4739 Canal

Mural Painting by HERO & FAME from Houston

Graffiti Supply & Retail Boutique Clothing Store


6. Eastdown Warehouse 950 Hardy Street

The Generators Playground Location

Mural Painting by Alex Ramos, Bao Pham, BOSS, Xuan-nhan, CABOS, John Dunn & Zink.

Party on October 19th evening.  

Artist Vendors - see calendar

7. Saint Arnold Brewing Company Warehouse 1213 Maury

Warehouse building will be getting a huge makeover with murals.  

Mural Painting by Ana Marietta, NECKO, Nicky Davis, Tyler Kay, Dan Black, Chef Ryan Savoie, Lee Carrier, Nina Marinick, Aquarella, Luis Valle, Black Cassidy, ROYAL, Jessica Rice, Lena, Shreddi, Dandee Warhol & Marjon Aucoin.  

Join us for Friday, October 21, 2016 HUE Brew Night, Free to get in with 21 up ID, Brew available for purchase. 

8. Picture Plus - 2211 N Main St

Mural Painting by CP1 aka Claudio Picasso


9. RE/MAX Inner Loop 2011 Leeland

Graffiti Park area.

Mural Painting by Bryan Cope.  

Mural Completion Celebration and Lucha de Mariachi Event October 22, 2016 6pm

Artist Vendors Select Dates - see calendar

10. Club Mercy 1503 St Emanuel

New local club. Part of the Graffiti Park area - Mural Painting by CRISP, ARTKUNGFU, DECK WGF, 

11. 1503 Chartres

Part of the Graffiti Park Area

Mural Painting by Icy & Sot, Anat Ronen, Zenfull, KATSOLA, Alex Arzu, Elder Artz & LATA 65, 

12. Frankel's 2801 Polk St

Mural Painting by MAN ONE, Scott Tarboxx, Gabriel Prusmack, Fossilized Houston & DEATH HEAD

13. Engine Room 1502 Leeland

Mural Painting by MEENR x Red Bull Flying Bach

14. 2123 Polk

Mural Painting by Rob DiTeodoro, Verny, Silvia Blanco, DONKEEBOY & Gage Kelsey



Houston Is Mural 315 Travis

Artist GONZO247, The Mural that inspired HUE!  On view.  

Exhibition Only - NO Painting

Houston Underground, Houston Wall of Fame Part II

1616 Main Street - Holiday Inn Downtown Houston Parking Garage Lower Levels

3 level underground parking garage curated by GONZO247 featuring a permanent collection of some of Houston's most notable Street and Graffiti Artists - Exhibition Viewing Only - NO Painting

Location of the HUE Kick Off Party 10/15 8pm

Digital Artwork by GONZO247

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