HUE Mural Festival Featured Artists 2016

ICY (born 1985) and SOT (born 1991) are stencil artists from Tabriz, Iran, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2006, the two brothers have contributed to Iranian and international urban art culture through their striking stencil work that depicting human rights, ecological justice, social and political issues.
Ana María
Ana María, “Anamarietta” was born and raised in Barranquitas, an agricultural town in the center of the Island of Puerto Rico. Known by the local art scene for her Humanoid creatures, Ana’s work has been recognized in multiple cities for the subtle brush stroke and shading of characters that seemed to be taken from a dream of a Biologist with excessive imagination.
CRISP is an Australian Street artist based in Bogota, Colombia. He was born to artist parents, and grew up in rural Australia. From a very young age he drew, painted, sculpted, pottered, carved, photographed and created anything he could as a form of personal expression.
Diego Alvarez/OCOTE
Diego is a social psychologist and has a master degree in public art from the UNAM. As OCOTE, he mixes prehispanic and contemporary symbols to generate new meanings and images that challenge the viewer's curiosity.
Hilton Alves
Born in 1980 and raised in Guaruja, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hilton began painting professionally in June, 2000. His passion leads him to express the magnificent beauty of the aquatic world in paintings, big murals and drawings.
Aro (Daniel Calderon)
Daniel was born in Mexico City, Mexico and has been painting murals with spray paint and acrylic since 2002. As of 2007, Aro has participated in several projects and exhibitions with various public and private institutions including a collaboration with the Mexico City government.
Growing up in Los Angeles, Man One developed his love for art, developing his skills as a graffiti artist on the streets of LA. An artist, curator, mentor and entrepreneur, Man One believes in the transformational power of art and its power to save lives and make the world a better place.
Born in Buenos Aires in 1977, nEcKo is an urban artist whose career dates back to the early 80's in Madrid where he lived since he was 11. As a winner of several graffiti contests in the popular south area of Madrid for the Hip Hop movement and after having exhibited in several spaces he decided to move to Ibiza where he currently lives.
Eliud "Real Tres" Zavala, Artist from Monterrey, Mexico with more than 20 years of experience spray painting murals. Real incorporates his Mexican heritage in his art and murals.
Fábio Panone Lopes, a.k.a FLOP, was born in Caxias do Sul – RS - Brasil, on November 13th, 1985. Mixing expressive lines of their architectural profession, coupled with fill colorful of graffiti art, his works result in a super distinctive style, with influences of movements ranging from Pop Art to Art Nouveau.
UK | LATA 65 is an initiative for the elderly within the urban art, in its genesis developed by Cowork Lisboa in partnership with Wool – Covilhã Urban Art Festival. A project that aims to: to bring the less young closer to a form of artistic expression usually associated with younger ones; to prove that concepts such as ACTIVE AGING and intergenerational solidarity make more sense every day; to demonstrate that Urban Art has the POWER TO FOMENT, TO PROMOTE Access to Contemporary art.
Aquarela Sabol
Aquarela Sabol is a Miami-based fine artist, street muralist and overall visual creator. Strongly influenced by symbolism and spirituality, her work has an ethereal quality with strong undertones of feminine sensuality.
Claudio Picasso
Born in Santiago, Chile, Claudio Picasso moved to Miami with his mother at the age of two. With a draftsmanʼs meticulous eye, today Claudio Picasso engages a limited, complementary palette to symphonize saturated color portraits in a style that dances precariously between hyper-realism and abstraction.
Luis Valle
Luis Valle aka El Chan Guri, is a Nicaraguan artist born April 16, 1977 in Managua, Nicaragua. His style can be easily recognized, as it is a blend of influences from indigenous cultures, psychology, shamanism, religion, spirituality, frequency, vibration and energy.
Gage Kelsey
Kelsey has been live painting at concerts and festivals for 5 years including Euphoria Festival, Art Outside and Utopia Festival. Gage's work includes mediums such as acrylic, spray paint, gauche, watercolor, pen and ink and Photoshop.
J MUZACZ was born and raised in Houston, Texas and first started drawing dinosaurs at age six and since then he has always had a pen, paintbrush or spray can in hand. Currently, J is designing and implementing edible landscape solutions with Resolution Gardens while painting murals, signage and commissions all around Austin.
Pepe Gracmor is a graffiti writer highlighting street fonts entangled with string to develop a style of graphic design which is based on Pre-Hispanic and Mayan origins. Gracmor is currently still experimenting with his graphic style in various fields of design, painting and graffiti.
Sophia Viviana
Sophia Viviana is an artist from Mexico City, Mexico.
Metzican® are an illustration and design studio, based in the city of Toluca, Mexico. One of the ideals of Metzican® is to bring the graphics to people who are unfamiliar with digital media to create in people an interest in Mexican culture.
Dan Black
Dan has been painting in aerosol since late 2007 and began brush study in 2010. He currently lives in Denton, TX, where he continues his work as a painter and muralist.
The Death Head
The Death Head is an artist from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, México, based in Laredo, Texas. Death Head is a self-taught graffiti artist that makes shit happen.
Jessica Rice
Jessica Rice is a Houston artist with a soft spot for oddities and neglected things. A mother of three little girls and a teacher, she draws inspiration from the honesty and silly freedom of the children in her life, always keeping her connected to the boundless creativity of her own childhood.
Born on January 1, 1982, Alejandro (Alex) Roman Jr. is a Houston based artist that divides his time between his hometown of Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Using house paint, paint markers and other mediums, he puts his own unique spin on famous icons, creating works of art which tend to consist of various double entendre and visual puns.
Dandee Warhol
Philippines native Dandee Danao, better known by his eponym Dandee Warhol, is a distinguished figure in the contemporary Houston art circuit recognized as a dynamic collaborator, curator, and visionary. Danao’s works often depict iconic cartoon characters, alienated from their original backdrops and partaking in counter-culture recreation.
Deck WGF
Originally from the Bronx NY, Deck is a graffiti artist that is currently based in Houston, TX.
Nicky Davis
A visual artist living and working in Houston, Texas, Davis’ work may at first appear quite whimsical, but his subject matter is often the dark side of humanity, the nature of spirituality and looming ecological concerns. His illustrative style is consistent across a diverse range of mediums, including fine art, street murals, and merchandise.
Anat Ronen
Anat is a self-taught artist, focusing on murals and street painting using latex (house paint), and acrylics. Anat has painted more than 400 murals, mostly throughout the vast Houston area, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, schools, and more.
Attempting to integrate into one cohesive piece the philosophies, objects, and visual phenomena persisting in personal opinion as remarkable or particularly outstanding, local Houston Artist LECHE crafts a landscape of abstract psychedelia.
Scott Tarboxx
Scott Tarboxx is a street artist based in Houston, Texas participating in art shows since late 2012. His work has been featured in documentaries, articles, and news items about street art such as the Economist website and Darci McFerran's upcoming Netflix exposee on the subject.
Royal is a multi media artist based in Houston Texas proficient in media such as charcoal, acrylic paint, aerosol, and markers. A common denominator in her pieces are colorful portraits of indigenous people from all over the world.
Inspired by a tribute retablo of the anima sola she made, Katsola® came up with her name in 2000. She studied graphic design and painting at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX.
ARTKUNGFU (a.k.a. Angel Quesada) has been making artworks for over 25 years. He began making large murals in Texas starting in 2006. He is a multimedia artist who feels strongly about the power of art in public places; "There is an inherent responsibility that we have to make art for all people". His public narrative murals are mainly influenced by the location of the wall he is painting and are 90% spontaneous, allowing for the process to dictate the content.
Bryan Cope
Bryan Cope is a Houston based mixed media artist whose work is Graffiti mixed with Futurism. At its core influenced by drafting and architectural design (Frank Loyd Wright), and futurists (Syd Meed), similar to the philosophical approaches of the supreme movement (Malevich), yet stylistically informed by the tools he uses, which are the tools of graffiti and the tools of drafting.
Black Cassidy
Black Cassidy is a visual artist based out of Houston, TX whose style is extremely versatile. Working as both a muralist and a commissioned artist, he uses a wide variety of mediums and surfaces to paint and draw on.
Zenfull is a Houston based street artist working in mediums ranging from spray painting to acrylic, that specializes in wheat pasting. Influenced by old-style tattoos, graffiti and urban art, Zenfull emerged into the scene in late 2010.
Rob DiTeodoro
Rob is an artist based out of Houston whose been drawing and making art for as long as he can remember. His work gravitated towards weird characters and esoteric subjects.
Lee Carrier
Lee Carrier is an artist and art educator from Houston whose mixed media art depicts the strength and empowerment of women. She creates her street art at home on butcher paper, and then uses wheat paste to install it.
Alex Arzu
Alex “Zú” Arzú was born in 1984 in Augsburg, Germany and studied architecture at the University of Houston. He was the Lead Designer and Production Artist for Eyeful Art Custom Murals and Designs in Houston, TX until he decided to leave the company and start his own.
Alex Ramos
At first Alex Ramos got in trouble for illegally painting on walls, but a couple years later he entered the military and while overseas, he continued creating art. Now, with his life revolving around art and being inspired by people, movement, and the human form, Ramos’ current artistic inspiration is to showcase his work around the world.
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